5th International Interdisciplinary Conference

September 29 th, 2016

Mykolas Romeris University,  Ateities str. 20,  Vilnius, Lithuania

Social innovations are processes where social, public policy and economics are developed by the creation of new ideas, products, services, and business models for a strong and sustained development. The concept of social innovations involves several areas of knowledge, from justice and human rights aspects to social technologies, sustainable development in a global changing environment, quality of life and values. This multidisciplinary approach allows to integrate social, economic and environmental aspects and create the basis for a common understanding of different disciplines. The finding of the common ground for the different disciplines is fundamental for a wide understanding of the problems that affects the society in a local, regional and global contexts, facilitating the creation and implementation of ideas and solutions towards sustainability.

Social Innovations: Theoretical and Practical Insights (SOCIN) is an annual international conference and research days organized at Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania.

SOCIN 2016 aims to discuss theoretical concepts and practical implications of social innovations to individual and societal well-being.